The Leaky Gut Syndrome

Your intestines are made up in such a way that there is a monitoring system that keeps a check on what crosses the intestinal barrier and into the blood. This is important so that a lot of the microbes and toxins that we may have consumed, don’t get into the bloodstream.

In a Leaky Gut situation, the permeability of the gut wall in compromised and so a lot of these toxins are able to to freely pass through the intestinal barrier. It’s not just the toxins though; even undigested food particles of apt size can also move into the blood.

So what happens?

Whenever something that doesn’t belong in our system, enters our system, we have an inflammatory response. Chronic Inflammation is the root cause of several diseases including celiac disease, joint issues, brain degenerative problems etc. So you can tell that this “leaky gut” syndrome is quite hazardous to our health.

How does this happen?

The gut sensitivity can vary from person to person but it’s safe to assume that certain foods are regarded as really bad for the gut. These foods can cause a leaky gut my disturbing the gut flora and making tiny holes in the intestinal barrier making it more prone to foreign particles.

Our intestines have epithelial cells that make up the barrier between the gut and the bloodstream. They take care of the selective permeability of the intestinal barrier. Multiple factors can disrupt the microbiome of the gut and give way for a leaky gut.

Factors like stress, poor sleep quality, lack of nutrient a rich diet etc although often overlooked, can lead to gut microbiome imbalances which in turn lead to health issues like the leaky gut over time. The more severe and direct causes can be due to certain food particles like lectins, titanium dioxide (used as an additive) etc.

Some studies have associated low levels of vitamin C with a higher chances of a leaky gut. Smoking is also something that cause a vitamin c deficiency in many.


Well first of, take out as much processed foods as possible from the diet. Processed food causes many problems including leaving you with an unhealthy gut. The next thing you might want to try is reducing your refined carbohydrate intake. This is a start.

So what can you do?

If you feel like you’re someone who has a sensitive gut with food allergies, try a lectin free diet. For more on lectins click here.

Many people might be lactose intolerant without ever knowing it. If you’re not sure about it, try going for a week without dairy products and see how you feel.

If you’re someone that relies a lot on antibiotics, especially a broad spectrum one, chances are you could have an imbalanced microbiome. Antibiotics generally wipe out both the bad and the good bacteria. So try and cut down on the antibiotic use. Long term studies have associated heavy antibiotic use with several health conditions including obesity and diabetes.

Now for some of the food you could consume to reverse your leaky gut. Glycine is an essential amino acid used for collagen production. Collagen helps with maintaining skin quality and can help with a healthier intestinal barrier. Bone broth, which is essentially like an animal bone soup, is full of glycine. Start consuming this. Bone broth also has several other benefits include better nutrient concentration.

Fermented vegetables, in moderation, can help with rebalancing the gut bacteria. It’s easy to make and is awesome for you gut. Don’t over consume it though. It’s all about the balance. Having half a bowl a day is a good start.

Omega 3 fatty acids, from fish is highly anti inflammatory and is a powerful tool against leaky gut syndrome. We recommend sardines because the bigger fishes generally have higher levels of mercury and that can lead to an array of “other” problems.

Try out our programs!

Apart from that, a lifestyle change with more exercise and meditation can be of great help. If you want help with that, check out ytalife.com where we provide custom made programs with a health coach for every one of our clients, to help get healthy and stay that way sustainably.

What are your thoughts on The Leaky Gut Syndrome? Let us know what they are in the comments below!


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