Which foods do people think are healthy but are actually unhealthy?

How often you think about ditching all those nasty unhealthy food out there and prefer the “healthier ones”. There are times when you search on the menu of favorite food apps and just prefer “organic” “low carbs, fat-free food”. There are even times in the supermarket when the food inspector in you wants to search only organic, minimalist treated (sometimes vegan) food.

Unfortunately, out there are lauds about such food items thanks to the fancy advertisements, as are considered to be super healthy in today’s modern world but are equally unhealthy. Here I have enlisted a few “food mirages”, you’ll know by the end why I have tagged them so and how easily they are fit in the preferred list of healthy diet :-

1.Energy bar /drinks

I can understand that many of you are frowning on this , but the truth energy bars and drinks are supposed to give you energy and they do instantly but they fail to provide nourishment. Moreover, they are very high on sugar well there’s the red alert itself. Next time you want to have an energy bar coated with sugars and are processed try having some good amounts nuts and seeds instead.

2. Plant-based milk

There are many variants in plant-based milk such as soy, almond, oats, etc but the beneficial nutrient of that of a cow’s milk is not present in these type of milk. Unless and until you are allergic or seriously intolerant a very adequate amount is negotiable but continuous usage can be harmful.

3. Skimmed milk

While talking about milk, skimmed milk is one of the food items which people prefer because of fewer calories but wait right there it also has less saturated fats therefore it is a reason for the plaque blood vessels, no one wants that.

4. Packed fruit juice

It’s really surprising how packed fruit juice deceives people into buying it as a healthy nutrient. I call these things sugary syrup because of being very high in sugar content and god knows the from what centuries they have been processed so.

5. Breakfast cereal

Breakfast cereals ,yes the easy-to-go morning routine for most of us, well indeed they are time saving but truth is they are not at all healthy as their nutritive value is very poor and they are processed and have high sugar content. If you still prefer having some Cereals make sure they are rich in fibre and low in sugar content.

6. Vegetable oils

All the fancy vegetable oils out there assure about all the health benefits they can provide. The studies have shown that they don’t aid in healthcare but rather can increase the risk factor. The major problem with vegetable oil is that they become unsaturated at a high temperature which deteriorates it chemically. So be very careful while buying those soybean and canola oils etc.

7. Sugar substitutes

How many times have you seen people around you ditching away the table sugar and accepting the artificial sweeteners as they are low in sugar content and therefore considered to be healthy. Over time its been found that consuming these are as riskier as they are high in calories and even increase the appetite leading to weight gain.

8. Veggie chips or baked chips

There are numerous time when “baked food” is considered safe than fried food no doubts about that but one must not forget that processed and packed food is just “hollow bunnies” and should not be considered to be part of a healthy diet.

9. Processed organic and vegan food

People often get confused over the word “organic” to be the twin of healthy food. The market is flooded with packets and jars just selling off the organic food items and the buyer are easily attracted towards the so-called organic label on it. So next time when you are out to buy make sure your basket is kept away from these “health halos

10. Low fat flavoured yogurt

Oh No! yogurts are the favored food item for most of the people, being low fat and added flavors they are super yummy to gorge upon. Well, there’s the red signal again as there’s nothing healthy when things are been ingested with added sugars, colors, and flavors.

11. Gluten-free snacks

Though it can be considered as a lifesaver for many gluten-sensitive people out there, they have an almost equal amount of sugar content, less fiber, and therefore more calories too.

12. Dried fruit

These dried fruits undergo series of processes and also lose their natural water-soluble nutrients which is really problematic. Fruit eaten directly are rich in fibre and nutrients and have all the health benefits so a big no for these too.

Well there’s the most of it but don’t consider these few numbers of an item to be the end to the masquerade food, not to forget about the different vegetable sauces, salad dressings, the packed soups, etc remember as there’s a rise in modern food eating manner there’s always a window of deception of healthy food.

One must engrave in mind a simple rule if it’s packed and wrapped it’s a trap, if it’s labeled organic doesn’t mean it’s worth gaining. Overdoses of sugars are bad, try to simmer down the dosage but don’t be swayed by artificial items. Keep your plate rich with protein, add lots of veggies, makes fats your friends and carbs your acquaintances

Phebia Julian
Senior Consultant

Is there anything we’re missing from the list? Let us know what they are in the comments below!


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