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The world is evolving rapidly, heck we might be able to go to mars soon. This is amazing and makes you feel proud to be a human being. But do you know what else is growing rapidly? Diabetes! The number of diabetics are expected to be doubled by 2025. Heart disease is possibly the biggest killer. Health is generally neglected by most until one falls sick. We learned from our research and work that a majority of the prevailing health issues can actually be prevented (and reversed) naturally. So why aren’t people doing so?

We observed that healthy living, optimal nutrition and staying fit is misunderstood by most because of a lack of awareness.

These things are not taught in most schools or colleges either, because well, grades, career and financial security is greater than mental and physical well being right? This is not the case everywhere, but it is quite prevalent in a lot of places. Ask yourself this question, “What’s the point in having all the money in the world if you don’t have the health to enjoy the freedom and pleasure it provides?”

This Raises a Concern

Ytalife was born with the primary purpose of bringing the truth about HEALTH, NUTRITION and WELLBEING to light.

With our powerful tested Biohacks, true nutrition, optimal workouts, meditation tools, pranic breathing techniques, energy movements of Yoga and more, we want you to have results that stay with you lifelong. Let’s change the health statistics of the world and bring lasting health to as many as possible. Lets build a healthier generation.

Our Approach

At Ytalife, we take a behavioral & understanding approach to keep your health at its prime by incorporating small yet effective changes into your lifestyle.

After being a part of Ytalife, you become family and are treated that way. Our personal health coaches help you set achievable goals and make your health journey educative, interactive, fun and ofcourse SUSTAINABLE.

Our Process

It’s not about handing a program and being done with our responsibility. When we say family, we do mean it. Throughout the journey, your personal health coach will be there to GUIDE, TRAIN & MOTIVATE you. The program has an option of dynamic updation which means according to your goals the program gets updated. We make sure that all your queries are answered within 24 hrs or less and a weekly call is scheduked to track your progress, how well you’re doing & if you need any alternatives or changes.

Unique Framework

It’s not just about weight loss or muscle building. “Healthy” is a term that’s being thrown around so often that people actually forgot what it is. Dropping extra pounds or packing some muscle is not enough health involves the physical and the mental aspect.
With our powerful Biohacks, true nutrition, optimal workouts, constant learning & education we aim to get you to your better. version in no time.

Our Core Values

  • We are hell bent on finding the truth about nutrition and wellbeing rather than what the mainstream media feeds us.
  • We believe in the concept of “Prevention is Easier, Better & Cheaper than Cure”.
  • We prioritise Sustainable Results over anything else. Transformation for a lifetime.

Start Your Transformation Journey!

Your health is your biggest asset and investing in it is definitely the best investment you can make.

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