Powerful Biohacks

Science backed and experimented practical tools to enhance your energy levels, have better sleep cycles, improve cognition, reduce overall stress and more.

Sustainable Results Guaranteed

Sustainability over anything else. Our programs are designed in such a way that once you attain the results, you should be able to keep them life long.

100% Custom Made Programs

Everybody is unique. The human body may be similar in many aspects, but each individual’s lifestyle, daily routines, career and so forth are variable. At Ytalife, we understand this.

Ytalife was born with the primary objective of finding & bringing the truth about Health, Nutrition and Wellbeing to light.


With our powerful tested Biohacks, true nutrition, optimal workouts, meditation tools, pranic breathing techniques, energy movements of Yoga and more, we want you to have results that stay with you lifelong. Let’s change the health statistics of the world and bring lasting health to as many as possible. Lets build a healthier generation.

Having Trouble Balancing

Your Health, Work & Life?

You’re not alone. And we’re here to help!

We assign a personal online health coach to every client because we want you to succeed just as much as you do. We’ll help you incorporate healthy habits into your daily life so that there is constant improvement in your health and well-being. The Biohacks, workouts and more are made based on how much time you can spend on the same. Remember, sustainable results over anything else.


The Components We Provide










Balancing your health is quite easy once you learn the “HOW” behind it.

Staying fit and healthy is not super hard. Yes, it takes some effort initially but as you see and feel the results, staying healthy and making better life choices just becomes another habit. The Health coach we assign you, based on your goals and lifestyle, will guide, train and motivate you throughout the course of your journey with us. He/She, will teach you the “HOW”.

Hear from our clients

Amal JP

 Project Engineer at Prime Technologies

“It’s not just about the physical appearance, Ytalife helped me improve my gut health, mindset, immunity and so much more. I was very skeptical on joining but their biohacking protocols and guidance proved me wrong. You should definitely join the program if you want to transform yourselves“

Styphe Shyju

Game Designer

“I was a person who had no control over my food and negligible physical exercise. There were a lot of compliments and support after I lost over 50kgs. Ytalife made it possible, they were by my side throughout the journey and for that I will always be indebted to them.”

Akanksha Dey


“There was a time a few years back when I hit my absolute worst of 95 kgs before college and no matter what I did, I wasn’t able to come back to a normal weight.

On my journey with Ytalife, I have learnt the art of sustainable weight loss and the science behind it. My nutrition was never about starving yourself but rather only healthy eating with cheat meals from time to time. They teach you how to maintain a balance between your mind and body through breathing techniques, workouts, and soulful meditation. The support that they have provided all this while is the best part, asking you each day about your progress, your nutrition and workouts. It’s always amazing to know somebody is looking out for you.

Parull Chaudhry


“I don’t believe in crash diets and rigorous workouts. With Ytalife I got a new approach towards staying healthy. They worked around my lifestyle and made a program that is best suited to me. They add both professional and personal touch to your life, it’s just one among many things that distinct them from others.”

Deepesh Paliwal


“My main aim was to stay lean and ripped while putting on muscle, Ytalife helped me achieve my goals. Their approach is unique which helps you achieve your goals keeping health at optimum levels. The biohacks helped fix my sleep cycles and boost my immunity.”

Rimlee Patigiri

Miss Assam International 2019 Winner

“Ytalife completely helped me tone up as a whole and improving my health too. They gave me abundant mental support and motivation. Miss Assam International was my first ever title and I am truly grateful to Ytalife for all their help“

Kevin Christopher

Cloud Analyst at Oracle

“Ytalife isn’t just another run of the mill fitness company. Sure, there are famous trainers who deliver excellent results in a short amount of time but are those results sustainable? Ytalife isn’t just about losing weight or gaining muscles. It’s a journey and a commitment you make in your life to change it for the good. They motivate you to reach their standards as once you join you aren’t a customer rather a brother/sister of the “Lets Get Better” club.”

Ameeta Ariv

Student at S.Nijalingappa Dental College

“After joining Ytalife I’ve seen and felt so many changes in myself physically and mentally. I feel better and more energetic throughout the day. They have not only helped me in losing weight but also educated me upon the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They also motivated me to follow a better diet even when I am not able to follow. Thank you for your guidance.”

Gopi Krishnan G

Managing Director at JN Freight Forwarders PVT LTD

“Ytalife helped me improve my physical & mental wellbeing. All the routines and diets were made according to my lifestyle. What I like about them is that their focus is on the overall development of health and not just fitness. With Ytalife I’ve understood It’s all about how I treat my body and how it treats me in return.”

Vaishnav Jayan


“I started my journey at 94 kgs. During this period I tore my ACL, my biggest concern was if I would lose my health and put on weight since I was bedridden. This was a big setback but all the knowledge in vedic wisdom and modern science came to my rescue. I was able to accelerate my recovery and at the same time put on muscle.”

Chitranjali Pramod


“Ytalife focuses on mainly two words, Flexibility & Convenience. I was a person who used to workout regularly but struggled with results. That’s how I approached Ytalife, not only was I guided for workouts and diets but an overall healthy lifestyle. Incorporating small changes in my daily routine brought great differences .Thank you Ytalife for their customised programs and guidance.”

Allen Kombasseril

Student at UNSW

“Ambitions and goals are important, but while chasing them we often tend to forget about an important part in our life which is health and wellness. Ytalife has helped me make changes in my daily lifestyle, which made drastic changes in a lot of things like energy levels, mood, muscle development etc. Best feeling ever.”

Cherian Thomas Kappen

Founder & CEO

Cherian Kappen has been in the field of health and fitness for over a decade. Having started his passion in bodybuilding, later switching to nutritional science and currently researching on Biohacking to enhance everyday living. He has a certification in Nutrition from Stanford University; Cognition, Neuroscience and Tai Chi from Harvard University. He leads the research team and also serves as the CEO at Ytalife

Vaishnav Jayan

CoFounder & Head of Consultants

Being at the verge of diabetes and dropping more than 30 kgs in a matter of 8 months, he proved that it’s never too late to change. Only after learning from research & self experimentation did he realise that the conventional methods of weight loss are futile. Soon the understanding turned into an objective to spread to those who found being healthy as a challenge. He did it alone, so understands the difference, the right guidance & support can make.

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with my membership?
  • Customised program based on your specific goals and lifestyle.
  • Personal Health Coach (Call and Message support from one of our Biohackers)
  • Bio-hacking Protocols for better energy levels, higher immunity, organ health, focus, mental clarity, gut health, sleep cycles and more.
  • Complete Workout Plan (home/gym/yoga etc)
  • Complete Nutrition Guide (based on your preferences and convenience)
  • Essential Supplementation Guide (we recommend only the essentials that are missing from your diet)
  • Motivation to make sure you stay on track.
  • Education & Awareness (so that the goals you attain are sustainable).
Will I go back to where I was when I’m done with the program?

Absolutely not! By the time you complete the program, your body will learn to be fat adapted (body’s ability to burn fat with ease) and we will have educated you on the truth about health, nutrition and wellbeing. The tools we provide can be practiced daily for a lifetime. Sustainable results over anything else. That’s how we proceed at Ytalife.

How fast will you see results with the program?

Pretty fast. Our program consists of multiple stages of biohacking protocols with an effective workout and nutrition plan. In the first few weeks itself, there will be noticeable changes in your mood, energy levels, sleep cycles, stress reduction etc. The more religious you are with the plan, the better the results.

Why calorie counting is not sustainable?

Calories are a unit of energy or moreover, the amount of energy a food source could give you. Tracking calories is not healthy for the mind and for many that are trying to lose weight, it can cause anxiety and unnecessary mental stress. Besides, not all calories are the same. A 100 calories from Oreo cookies is not the same as a 100 calories from a serving of cucumbers. By focusing on true nutrition, and educating you on what is healthy and how it affects the body, you will have a better understanding of food and the human body’s response to it.

Will I be able to follow the program if I’m having a busy schedule?

Definitely! Each of our programs are custom made to suit your goals and lifestyle. We incorporate time effective tools that can be done easily based on your daily routine. For instance, if you’re a stock trader then we provide powerful tools to improve your focus, productivity and reduce stress. Our tools are made complimentary to your unique lifestyle.

Is workout a must to see any changes?

You will see results without the workouts by following our protocols but for optimal health, we recommend that some sort of physical activity is performed often. It can be playing a sport, going for a run, quick yet effective home workouts etc.

Start Your Transformation Journey!

Your health is your biggest asset and investing in it is definitely the best investment you can make.

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