We understand that Every Individual is Unique

At Ytalife, each program is custom made based on your specific goals and lifestyle. We aim to cover all aspects of your health from the wellbeing of your body to that of your mind. These two, go hand in hand. We know this.

Powerful Biohacks

Science backed and experimented practical tools to enhance your energy levels, have better sleep cycles, improve cognition, reduce overall stress and more.

Sustainable Results Guaranteed

Sustainability over anything else. Our programs are designed in such a way that once you attain the results, you should be able to keep them life long.

100% Custom Made Programs

Everybody is unique. The human body may be similar in many aspects, but each individual’s lifestyle, daily routines, career and so forth are variable. At Ytalife, we understand this.

Any query you have will be answered within 24 hours or less. That’s our promise!

Once you become a part of Ytalife, a Health Coach will be assigned to you based on your goals. A custom program will be designed based on your everyday routines and provided to you shortly after. As you begin your journey with us, your coach will constantly be communicating with and guiding you. Necessary changes in the program will be made constantly depending on how you’re responding to it. Workouts, Biohacks and more will be updated monthly. Finally of course, a transformation of a lifetime shall be attained. We want you to succeed just as much as you do.

Our Core Components

Every aspect of our program has been well researched and experimented upon. We are constantly finding new ways to improve your health and well-being in the most sustainable manner


By using ancestral wisdom & modern science we introduce you to biohacking! A set of experimented tools designed to enhance your cognition, slow down ageing, improve your gut health, reduce inflammation, boost your immunity, balance your hormones and more!


You will be assigned a health coach based on your goals and lifestyle. He/She will completely GUIDE, TRAIN and MOTIVATE you throughout the course of the program. A real human being and not an AI (artificial intelligence)


A healthy body is incomplete without a powerful mind to support it. We incorporate meditation techniques, visualisation tools, active breathing practices and more to improve your focus, mental clarity and keep a calm yet strong mind!


Our fitness regimen consists of a combination of movements targeted to improve your muscle tone, burn fat and ncrease strength. We incorporate Yoga and Tai Chi (guided by certified professionals) as well in order to build a balanced body. The intensity will vary depending on whether your new to working out or have been doing so for some time.


Sleep quality declines as we age and sleep is one of the most important tools for a healthier and energetic life. We provide you with custom sleep routines to improve the deep stages of your sleep for better brain health. These routines are made by one of out certified cognition coaches


The nutrition guide we give you is based on what is actually good for your health. Rather than focusing on the calories (which is unsustainable), we focus on the quality of the food you eat to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. This will improve your digestion, energy levels, skin health and keep you more energetic in your daily life.


Only by understanding how your body responds to true nutrition, biohacking, mindfulness etc., will you be able to learn to keep your results sustainably. We make it a point to educate you on the truths about health and well-being so that you can stay healthy, lifelong.


With a combination of a healthy nutrition plan, optimal workouts and powerful biohacks, we aim to supercharge your immunity. Let’s face it, in todays day and age, our immunity is super important and its vital that we keep it functioning at peak levels.

“What’s the point in having all the money in the world if you’re sick and can’t enjoy the pleasures it provides”

Our Programs



• Personal Online Health Coach

• Biohacking Protocols (M1 – M3)

• Custom Workout Program (M1 – M3)

• Custom Nutrition Guide

• Sleep Hack Protocols

• Recipe Booklet [veg/egg/non-veg] (BONUS#2)

• Essential Supplementation Guide (BONUS#3)


• Personal Online Health Coach

• Biohacking Protocols (M1 – M6)

• Custom Workout Program (M1 – M6)

• Custom Nutrition Guide

• Sleep Hack Protocols

• Recipe Booklet [veg/egg/non-veg] (BONUS#2)

• Essential Supplementation Guide (BONUS#3)

• Cheat Meal Solution

• Alcohol Recovery Routine

• Sexual Wellness Protocols


• Personal Online Health Coach

• Biohacking Protocols (M1 – M12)

• Custom Workout Program (M1 – M12)

• Custom Nutrition Guide

• Sleep Hack Protocols

• Recipe Booklet [veg/egg/non-veg] (BONUS#2)

• Essential Supplementation Guide (BONUS#3)

• Cheat Meal Solution

• Alcohol Recovery Routine

• Sexual Wellness Protocols

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with my membership?
  • Customised program based on your specific goals and lifestyle.
  • Personal Health Coach (Call and Message support from one of our Biohackers)
  • Bio-hacking Protocols for better energy levels, higher immunity, organ health, focus, mental clarity, gut health, sleep cycles and more.
  • Complete Workout Plan (home/gym/yoga etc)
  • Complete Nutrition Guide (based on your preferences and convenience)
  • Essential Supplementation Guide (we recommend only the essentials that are missing from your diet)
  • Motivation to make sure you stay on track.
  • Education & Awareness (so that the goals you attain are sustainable).
Will I go back to where I was when I’m done with the program?

Absolutely not! By the time you complete the program, your body will learn to be fat adapted (body’s ability to burn fat with ease) and we will have educated you on the truth about health, nutrition and wellbeing. The tools we provide can be practiced daily for a lifetime. Sustainable results over anything else. That’s how we proceed at Ytalife.

How fast will you see results with the program?

Pretty fast. Our program consists of multiple stages of biohacking protocols with an effective workout and nutrition plan. In the first few weeks itself, there will be noticeable changes in your mood, energy levels, sleep cycles, stress reduction etc. The more religious you are with the plan, the better the results.

Why calorie counting is not sustainable?

Calories are a unit of energy or moreover, the amount of energy a food source could give you. Tracking calories is not healthy for the mind and for many that are trying to lose weight, it can cause anxiety and unnecessary mental stress. Besides, not all calories are the same. A 100 calories from Oreo cookies is not the same as a 100 calories from a serving of cucumbers. By focusing on true nutrition, and educating you on what is healthy and how it affects the body, you will have a better understanding of food and the human body’s response to it.

Will I be able to follow the program if I’m having a busy schedule?

Definitely! Each of our programs are custom made to suit your goals and lifestyle. We incorporate time effective tools that can be done easily based on your daily routine. For instance, if you’re a stock trader then we provide powerful tools to improve your focus, productivity and reduce stress. Our tools are made complimentary to your unique lifestyle.

Is workout a must to see any changes?

You will see results without the workouts by following our protocols but for optimal health, we recommend that some sort of physical activity is performed often. It can be playing a sport, going for a run, quick yet effective home workouts etc.

Start Your Transformation Journey!

Your health is your biggest asset and investing in it is definitely the best investment you can make.

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